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Production B Operator

Location: Gulf of Mexico

Job type: Full-time

Production B Operator


ES&H Production Group, L.L.C. is an affiliate and a division of ES&H. Specifically, it is an oilfield labor and consulting company offering high quality services at modest prices. We consider ourselves partners with our customers, our employees, our community, and our environment. We strive for growth and profitability without compromising the relationships and values that we hold dear. ES&H Production Group, L.L.C. provides offshore and inland production personnel (operators, mechanics, I&E technicians and safety consultants) throughout the United States. Our customers include processors, pipelines, and both offshore and inland oil and gas producers.

ES&H Production Group has an immediate need for full-time ‘B ’Operators for various locations in Louisiana region offshore and the Gulf of Mexico to work a 14×14 schedule. We offer competitive pay and excellent benefits to hired candidates. We are looking to hire in our Houma, Venice, Fourchon, and Morgan City locations in Louisiana.

The ideal candidate will be highly organized, dependable, and team oriented.


Job Description:

    • The ability to perform daily functions to ensure safe practices and environment which are compliant with governmental agencies.
    • The ability to test, calibrate, maintain and inspect equipment with limited supervision.
    • Maintain customer and government agencies required paperwork, maintenance records, production reports, platform testing records, manifests, etc.
    • Can operate and maintain most rotating equipment such as compressors, generators, platform cranes, pumps, winches, etc. in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations with little supervision.
    • Monitor control panels, shutdown devices, liquid levels, flow rates, temperatures, etc. to keep them within the designed operating ranges.
    • May be required to travel to worksite via marine or helicopter transport.
    • The ability to calculate chemical treating rates and adjust according to recommendations.
    • Verify emergency equipment & systems are in good operating condition.
    • Promote good housekeeping practices on platform.


    • Must have knowledge of basic computer programs such as Excel, Word, etc.
    • Experience with pneumatic panels and devices.
    • Experience with Diesel & Natural Gas Generators / High & Low Speed Compressors along with other rotating equipment.
    • Glycol Dehydration Systems & Draft Burner Units
    • Experience with 3 Phase Separation, Heat Treaters, Skimmers, Sumps, Flotation Cells and other production equipment.
    • Organization skills to maintain platform
    • Excellent Interpersonal Communications skills in a team environment
    • Safety Oriented


– Minimum of 2 years Offshore Oil & Gas production experience

– Must have 3-5 years of offshore production experience in the Gulf of Mexico region