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“Your Partner in Production”

Providing Offshore & Inland Production Personnel

ES&H Production Group is a labor and consulting company focused on the energy sector offering high quality services at modest prices. We provide offshore and inland production personnel (operators, mechanics, electricians, consultants, compliance specialist and safety professionals) to energy companies throughout the Gulf of Mexico and the growing shale plays throughout the United States. Our customers include processors, energy transfer providers, and both offshore and inland oil and gas producers.


Production supervisors, Operators, Mechanics, I&E Technicians, I&C Automation Technicians, Electricians,
Consultants, Project Managers, Compliance, safety, Clerks, Administration


The experienced personnel you need to maximize your production uptime, while minimizing your work force turnover. Let us take all the headaches out of staffing your jobs.


ES&H Production Group is always looking to add great people to our team. We believe that our team is our greatest asset and so we take pride in treating all our members like partners in our company.